Saturday, February 19, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #3

This Six Sentence Sunday post is an excerpt from a little later in chapter one of my second book, Blowing Embers, due out this summer. (And don't forget to check out the other six sentence snips posted by other writers!) 

Perhaps as tired as she, the sun had slid behind the mountains by the time Laszlo finished his lecture. Feet still up, Kiera waited in her chair as the men filed out. Too intoxicated by the warmth of the brazier to want to move, she instead waited for him to come sit with her. Soon he did, followed by an Alak* she didn’t recognize. They both remained standing, but she held her seat, hoping they would either sit or politely ignore her breach in etiquette.
“I was flattered by your rapt attention, a’kala*,” Laszlo told her blandly, and she looked up and into his face, and wondered how annoyed he felt.

* Alak = shapeshifters native to Alaska
* a'kala = "my lover"