Saturday, March 26, 2011

The second book's back cover copy

They have won. With help from Kiera, Fire Mage, the shapeshifting slaves of Fairbanks have broken their chains, and then they lifted her to govern their city. To keep them safe. But unrest slinks through the city as Kiera and her co-rulers struggle to integrate the former slaves and the remaining mages.

Worse, a threat outside Fairbanks waits to fracture the fragile peace. Governor Vrishka, the Skani Water Mage of Barrow, has marched an army from the North, and he sends terms: surrender Fairbanks to his superior forces, restore the Skani mages to rule, or he will raze the city and kill all the shifters. He gifts them ten turns of the sun to make their decision.

But halfway through the armistice, Vrishka strikes a devastating blow – one that steals all hope for Fairbanks’ victory, and that utterly crushes Kiera’s heart. Can Kiera summon the strength to transcend her grief, and to find a way to defeat Vrishka? More: should she? And if so, what price is she willing to pay for that victory? Five days, and a city, await her decision.

Welcome to the Alternate Alaska, where those born with the power to control the elements rule as nobility over those who cannot. For now.

. . . and the cover is finished! I'll post it soon!

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