Friday, June 10, 2011


This is my first week posting for Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday. Woo hoo! Visit the other talented authors here.

In introduction, I am posting the first six sentences of my upcoming book, Blowing Embers, an epic fantasy/paranormal romance, which will be released in July. 

Some say Death glides in on angel-black wings while others say that it kisses away one’s last breath like a gentle grandmother. Kiera’s reaper, however, hurtled down the frosted field on four razor-clawed feet.
Narrowed eyes sharpened the terrifying vision of more than two thousand pounds of raging bear, leaping as he ran, and larger with every heartbeat.

So much larger.
Again she set her feet and leaned forward, hands up. Her throat squeezed when she swallowed. 


  1. Wow, really great imagery there!

  2. Love the angel-black wings! I'm excited it's only another month until the book comes out - I want my copy sooooooooon! :-P

  3. I still don't think I want to be standing in her shoes. That's .... madness! me wants my copy too :-)

  4. Yeah, that definitely would freak me out.