Saturday, June 25, 2011


Welcome back to the Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday. Visit the other talented authors here.

Last week I posted the first six sentences of my upcoming book, Blowing Embers, an epic fantasy/paranormal romance, which will be released on July 1 – and is available for preorder now!

These six sentences follow the first six:

“Hold it fast,” Lady Agni yelled from the sideline, spurring a snake of annoyance to wind through Kiera’s chest.
Adrenalin shook her hands, numbed her lips. Further crisped the details of the horror coming for her: ruddy fur, erect on rippling shoulders. The needle white of bared teeth. The grunt of forced breath each time those massive front feet crushed circles into the snow. 
And then he was there. 


  1. Yeah, very easy to for Lady Agni to say that sort of thing when the bear isn't charging at her!

  2. Eeeeeeeeeeeeek! :-P Don't think I could hold anything steady in that situation.

  3. No ways would I be standing there still .. but then, Kiera's Kiera. She would. Great stuff, Lauri!