Sunday, July 10, 2011

Character Profile: Meet Laszlo

Welcome to the Alternate Alaska! I'd like to take a minute and introduce you to Laszlo, a main character in The Embers Series:

Name: Laszlo of the Denaa; as a member of the Denaa Tribe in the Alternate Alaska, he can shapeshift into a Great Golden Bear.

Role In Novel: Captain of the Fairbanks’ Mage Governor’s Army – the army Kiera, the woman whom magic transported to the Alternate Alaska, stumbles onto right after she arrives.

Primary Goal: Hidden, but he definitely has something in mind for Kiera.

Most notable personality trait(s): Laszlo is a man of few words. He is very focused on the goals he’s set, and the tasks that needs accomplished, and doesn’t talk about much else.

Achilles heel: He’d never admit it, but he’d do anything to protect the ones he loves, including his army.

Biggest strength: Laszlo is the ultimate leader: strong, decisive, insightful, and frightening at times. He is the perfect choice to general an army.

Physical Description: Laszlo is an enormous man, perhaps a slip over six feet, and well over three hundred pounds. As all shapeshifters are, his strength and speed far exceed human limits, and even among shifters, his ferocity is legendary.

Hair Color/Style: Laszlo’s hair is black, thick, and falls to his shoulders.

Eye Color: His eyes are dark brown, though like all shapeshifting bears, they turn golden when he shifts.

Skin Color: Kiera once described his skin as a “warm shade of umber.”

Notable Facial Features: Laszlo’s face is hard, and square, and reminds Kiera of Hugh Jackman’s in some ways.

Body Type: Laszlo is bigger than big, and brawny, and strong. He is not sensitive to the cold, and even in his human form he can withstand even the coldest Alaska weather without effect.

Gestures/Habits: Laszlo watches, and ponders, though you have to know him to know what’s going through his mind. He keeps his face still, and doesn’t communicate much besides purpose, and sometimes anger, with his body. Many – perhaps most – are frightened by him.

Place of birth: Laszlo was born in one of his tribe’s small villages that lie along the southwest coast of the Alternate Alaska.

Age: 40

Closest confidante: Laszlo keeps several people close, including Mosha and Amba. In book two, we meet Kuruk, one of the otuks (military leaders just below his rank) he favors.

Significant Family Members: He is a slave, and he’d never forgive me for telling all of his secrets.

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  1. Hi,

    Delightful read, by all accounts! Love that line:Kiera once described his skin as a “warm shade of umber.” Lovely!!


  2. Laszlo is as yummy as they come. Thanks for doing this, not only to get to know an amazing character better but as an example of an awesome writing exercise.
    Oh, and I admit I think of Laszlo as quite a bit bigger than 6' and 300. In my mind, he's 6'6" or 6'8" and weighs 450 at least. I think I enjoy my reality a little bit better. ;-p

  3. Thanks, everyone, and I agree, Les. He may well be bigger than even I think. Kiera isn't a good judge of weight. ;-p