Friday, July 8, 2011


Welcome back to the Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday. Visit the other talented authors here.

Last week I posted the second six sentences of my (very!) newly released novel, Blowing Embers, an epic fantasy/paranormal romance.

These six sentences follow the last six:

What must have been fifty thousand pounds of force slammed into her shield, shoved her back three yards and to her knees.

The shield held, and fire sung in her veins. “Ahh!” she screamed joyously. Defiantly. Her feet pushed her back up as she leaned forward and fed more air into the space between them, forcing him back.

Undaunted, the bear continued his drive.


  1. I just love that bit about 'fire sung in her blood.'

  2. I love that she screams with joy because the shield holds, great stuff.

  3. Interesting imagery and great emotion. I also find it interesting that she has the shield but cann still be pushed back.