Friday, July 15, 2011


Welcome back to the Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday. Visit the other talented authors here.

Last week I posted the third six sentences of my (very!) newly released novel, Blowing Embers, an epic fantasy/paranormal romance.

These six sentences follow the prior six:

Twisting like a cornered wolverine, he clawed furiously, used knife blade teeth to tear the unseen barrier between them, but as her air continued to flow, the space grew larger, wider, and she knew he was losing. All at once he drew back, away from the shield’s edge, and in that split second Kiera wondered if he would accede defeat. A smile began as he threw himself like a supplicant to the ground at her feet, but instead of begging her mercy, open jaws roared his furor. Giant claws blurred, ripped bloody gashes into the black earth dividing them.
Too late Kiera understood, and before she could send a sheet of air deep into the winter’s dead soil between them, the knife’s-blade claws broke through to her side of the shield. Without pausing, he leapt up and back, lifted the shield, and Kiera, off the ground.


  1. Hehehehe, think she learned her lesson there!

  2. I like the "cornered wolverine" description, especially when describing a bear!! love this bit. :-)