Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blowing Embers is a finalist in the Reader's Favorite Awards!

This last Monday I got the most astounding news. 

Out of up to 80 entrants in my category of the Reader's Favorite awards - "fiction - fantasy" - five books were chosen. Blowing Embers, my second novel, the one just released July 1, made it. It's one of the five finalists.

I am thrilled. Humbled. Excited. 

But even if it doesn't win a gold, silver, or bronze, that I made it this far with my second book is something I am incredibly proud of. 

I poured my heart and soul into BE in a way I didn't yet know how to do in FE, and my writing skill has certainly improved since FE

Winners will be announced September 1. Whew. Hope I can wait that long. ;-p


  1. I'm so pleased for you! I hope you manage to see the next 3-4 weeks out! :-D

  2. Woo hoo hooooooooooooooo! Go Lauri, go Lauri, go Lauri! :D