Friday, August 5, 2011


Welcome back to the Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday. Visit the other talented authors here.

Last week I posted six sentences from my newly released novel, Blowing Embers, an epic fantasy/ paranormal romance, and a finalist in the Reader’s Choice awards (woo hoo!).

Once again, these sentences follow the prior six:

Still grinning, he offered a hand up, and as he dressed she brushed snow and mud off her backside. As her posterior could attest, even in late spring here in the alternate Alaska she’d been swept to late last year – cycle – the mornings bled cold. And the fog clung like a frightened child to the granite tips of the mountains most every day – turn – until late afternoon. Breakup would come soon, she hoped, this month – moon – like it did in the Alaska she’d come from, thawing the rivers and ponds, tempting flowers out of moons of hiding, and forcing the green back into the birches. Just as back home, the sun stayed longer each turn, and soon it would shine for all her waking marks plus many more. And she yearned for its warmth. 


  1. Love the descriptions in the weather - 'the mornings bled cold ... the fog clung like a frightened child.'

  2. Great stuff. Good way of (re-)introducing your alt. glossary, especially for new readers.

  3. I love the description in this snippet. Well done!

  4. I absolutely love the descriptions in this - the "frightened child", for example. Also (and I'm really not trying to sound like the proverbial parrot), the way you reintroduce the glossary is excellent. Great six :-)

  5. I love when the setting is almost a character itself. Not from Alaska myself, but my grandmother lives there, so I've been up many times.