Friday, September 30, 2011

Coming Soon . . .

It happened this morning - on my way to work.

I was just sort of daydreaming - you know how you do when you're driving. And it's morning.

Anyway, before I could really catch myself, or register what I was doing, I had created and mapped out an entire short story. In my head, I mean.

I am going to write it this weekend -- or at least I hope to finish writing it this weekend.

Oddly, for me at least, it isn't about the Alternate Alaska. No - instead it's an episode of -- drumroll, please -- NCIS. The television show.

So yes. I'm going to be writing a fan fiction piece, something I never imagined myself doing.

Once it's finished, I'll post it either on smashwords or similar, or here. Either way, it will be free.

I promise to keep you posted.


  1. I write fanfics every so often when I'm bored or between projects. Most of mine are for video games, though... One I wrote a while back I'm revamping into a fantasy with steampunk elements. So who knows? Maybe you'll find a way to revamp your story once it's done :)

  2. Exciting! But, I'm not sure you'll be able to publish it on Smashwords because of copyright. Scribd possibly, but I'm pretty sure the Smashwords rights of use state the work has to be completely original and your own. (and there was me convinced it would be ST)

  3. NCIS? Didn't see that coming. :)

  4. LOL! I know - NCIS is a pretty far cry from epic fantasy! I can't help it!
    My sister just told me that even as a bet, she'd have never seen this coming either. I don't know why, or where it came from, but I have to write it. :-))) I hope to have it finished by tonight.