Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to request NCIS cast autographs

Dying for an autographed photo of your favorite NCIS cast member, or want your most-favorite actor to sign that one photo that makes your heart go pitter-patter?

You can do either: send your photo for an autograph, or request an autographed photo from the actor.

Here's how to do it:

Send a large -- 9 x 11 inches -- self-addressed, stamped envelope (upon which you've slapped enough U.S. postage to get the photo back to you wherever you are)
* to:

Cast member's name
(and not their characters name!)
26030 Avenue Hall
Box 4
Valencia, CA 91355

People have said:
Mark's takes from 5-9 weeks. You do not have to send a photo. You will receive back one authentically signed by him (and not stamp-signed). Ask nicely for a reply and you may get one.
David McCallum takes from 5-12 weeks for a reply. You do not have to send a photo. You will receive one authentically signed by him. Ask nicely for a reply.

Some people say it takes months for any reply, so try to be patient.

*Note that some sources say to just send a request letter and include an address label inside it. You can do that, too, but if you do, it seems far less likely to me that you'll get a fast response, and maybe you'll get no response at all. Imagine how much postage each requires, and how many requests they must receive. So -- be thoughtful - and be rewarded.

Sources: see this, this, and this.

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