Monday, November 14, 2011

The Best Medicine

Today someone offered me a sliver of an old tome that I am sure they thought I needed to hear. 

"You need to lighten up."

And so, because they did, I feel I must straighten the record a bit.

It is true that I am intense, passionate (to the point of inferno at times), and - er - generally the opposite of shy. I am completely committed to making positive changes in the world, and to leaving this ball of clay a little better tended than how I found it.

However, I am also - for lack of a better word here - "light."

I love laughter.

But my sense of humor, I freely admit, is a bit naughty, and runs to the violent. (I'm no fan of Tom and Jerry though. We'll just say it's a bit complicated and leave it at that.) That's why I don't often share it.

It's all those years in law enforcement. I've told people many times that being a cop ruined me for polite company, and the truth is, well, that that's the truth in many ways.

Anyway, the bottom line here is that you, said worryer, need to stop said worrying. The force of all that passion swirling around is not going to implode me. Promise.

And stop advising me, too, or I'll rip your @*#!@%^ arm off. 

Hardy har har.

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