Saturday, November 5, 2011

Whose Tweets Pitter Your Patter?

If you're anything like me, you have a secret (nonpublic) list of your very favorite tweeps: one composed of the people whose company you really enjoy, or whose words never fail to tickle you, or make you think, or whose cries to battle resound in your heart. 

And maybe, just maybe, there's one or two to which you might admit (to your closest friend, and then only after pinkie swearing them to secrecy) that you have a crush on. 'Nuff said.

Well, if your list is on the superslim side (and who besides starving models, the profoundly guilty, and brain-eating zombies love "superslim"?), and if you're a fan of Star Trek, True Blood, Star Wars, NCIS, and Criminal Minds (and who besides starving models, the profoundly guilty, and brain-dead zombies don't love these shows!), here are a few tweeps I offer as suggested thickeners/fatteners/corn starch to your gravy list:

  • LordPalpatine Emperor Palpatine. Last tweet: Remember remember the fifth of November. Lightsaber, Jedi and plot. I see no reason why lightsaber, treason, should ever be forgot. 
  • PauleyP Pauley Perrette. Earlier tweet: It was Christmas on the #NCIS set today with @BrianDietzen & McGee! 
  • DeathStarPR Death Star PR. Earlier tweet: Remember, Friday's fun day! Set fire to something. Preferably an Ewok. 
  • Vangsness Kirsten Vangsness. Last tweet: the last day for the wonderful cause that is @LALovesAlexs you can donate & get tix at you totally know you want to
  • levarburton LeVar Burton. Earlier tweet: Welcome, November! Anyone else feel like getting through October required survival skills?
  • BauervanStraten Kristin Bauer. Last tweet: Urgent Action Needed Now 4 Bill 2 Save horses! Wisconsonites call (202) 224-5653 & say NO 2 Horse Slaughter. via@AAHS
  • BrianDietzen Brian Dietzen. Earlier tweet: Here's a fun pic from set today. I apologize for making you all jealous, but alas, I cannot share the sweater vest.
  • Gibsonthomas Thomas Gibson. Last tweet: Photo:
  • RockyCOfficial Rocky Carroll. Earlier tweet: I will definitely be a part of the NCIS social network takeover on Tues. from 2-4pm (pacific) please check it out.
  • BorowitzReport Andy Borowitz. Last tweet: If these are the best presidential candidates our current system produces maybe we should try a random lottery.
  • FearDept US Dept. of Fear. Earlier tweet: Our system of government is one of "checks and balances": we cash taxpayers' checks and use the money to increase corporate balances. #ows
  • io9 io9. Last tweet: Insane 1977 movie sent Bruce Lee to Hell to meet Popeye (and other crap films that exploited the actor's death)
  • BrentSpiner Brent Spiner. Last tweet: RIP Andy Rooney. Don't you just hate when people die?
  • ggreenwald Glenn Greenwald. Earlier tweet: I just don't feel the need to cite a politician as authority every time I make an argument

Oh yes - - there are others. But this should get you started. And don't forget to follow me - laurijowen. I follow back. ;-p

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