Sunday, January 8, 2012

Creating a Character

Okay. So you've decided to write that book.

Whether you're a plotster or a panster, you still have one fundamental pre-writing task: create your characters.

The first question: Who is this person? A: she is the heroine. Her name is Keira. She looks like . . . and she is X years old. She has this limitation . . . and that one . . .

Next: what will she do? A: save the world. How? And what challenges will she face, and how are those challenges exacerbated by her personal characteristics? A: well, she soon finds this guy doing bad things to this young woman. She's got a history of this - both her and her sister. It's a catalyst - a mini-climax - that pushes her out of the victim role and into the savior role.

Do you see what I'm saying? I'm obviously talking about my own first novel, but writers - take the time and do this with your own projects before you write. When you don't, your characters fall flat. If you want real readers to love them, make them real people living in real worlds. And that takes some time - and effort. 

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