Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dental Dilemma

So. So today was the day when I was going to have my four second molars pulled. 

I spent the last two days mentally preparing because I'd booked this procedure without any tranquilizers. (I had to drive myself home, you see, and take care of my 8-yr-old son afterward.) And so. 

So I showed up, hung up my coat, and let the assistant adjust the headrest in the chair of tortureThe dentist came in. I laid back, and the fun began.

Those shots hurt. Not unbearably, but they hurt a lot more than I remember them hurting. And why the hell were there so many?

As the fourth or fifth straw-sized needle pierced the tender spot in the back of my mouth, a streamer of pain shot down my neck, and up into my jaw, and my eye. Without thinking, and maybe before a thought could form, I grabbed his hand and yanked it out. 

"Ow?" he asked.

Mmm hmm.

And then: "Open your mouth." 

But when I did, pain began. And grew, until nearly unbearable torment filled my head, and flowed into my sinuses. Ever had dry sockets? It felt like every tooth on that top right was driving a mack truck into a Denali-sized dry socket.

Well, the short version of all this is that my experience is apparently labeled "a reaction to anesthesia." And so now I have to make an appointment with an oral surgeon, and be put out for the procedure. The problem, however, is getting those thirteen miles home afterward, and of course looking after my son is another. (I've got no family here close, and imposing on friends for this kind of thing makes me cringe.)

And so.

But at least now the ibuprofen I took is working, and I'm not writhing on the floor. The other details I'll work out.


  1. Oh, God, that's awful. Impose on a friend. Seriously. They'll understand, especially if you let them transcribe whatever you say.

    1. I may have no choice -- but I don't know that I can agree to that last part! LOL!

  2. Poor, poor, poor! I hope it all works out.