Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fils Sur La Lune

Did you hear? NASA is putting together a plan to send astronauts to the far side of the moon. In fact, they're trying to put together a plan to build a permanent outpost there - on the far side.

Maybe it's because Valentine's Day is so close, but sending folks to see - to live on - the far side of the moon seems like such a . . . romantic idea. 

Imagine it. Traveling to see a face that billions have never, and will never, see. Every day, with just a casual glance, your eyes would brush a beautiful, barren landscape few will ever see.

I would go. I would live there. 

Of course, I'd have to take my cats, my son, my kindle, and my laptop. No small undertaking. And I'd have to have vacations - - time away when I could drink a coke,  eat good Italian food, and visit my loved ones.

What about you? Would you go? Would you live for a half a year on the far side of the moon?


  1. If it's the far side, does that mean we wouldn't see the sun? I'm not sure I could stand that. And it would depend what the base was like. If we're talking something stark and clinical like Moonbase Alpha from Space:1999, then no. If we're talking an all singing, all dancing luxury resort, where they have areas of plants and water and simulated environments (or, if we are lucky holographic suites?) then yes, count me in!

    1. We would have sun phases, if my science is right. It would be odd, for sure! And I'd like something in between the austere Alpha and Las Vegas in space. Sounds like we need to get up there and design it ourselves!