Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kitties Are People, Too!

It's morning, and I always feed my cats canned cat food in the morning. One has to have his medicine, which I dispense by hiding it in a spoonful of juicy canned food, and so of course the others get a treat then, too. To be fair.

Rhiannon -- the oft thief.
This morning, the one who often, and quite shamelessly, steals the others' food did indeed steal one of her "brother"'s treat. I was standing there, watching. Amun Ra, the one whose food got stolen, looked up at me and made the cutest wail of protest. "Help me! Fix this!" 

I smiled at his cute little face and spooned him out another bite or two, which he ate with a satisfied mewl.

Amun Ra - the aggrieved.
And at that moment I had a epiphanal flash. How can anyone say - with a straight face - that animals don't feel emotion? That they don't think "like we do"? That they don't talk - communicate ideas - like we do? That they don't feel pain, or understand, or develop relationships? 

We humans have a long history of lying - making up stories - to attempt to justify what we feel guilty about. 

Like how we treat animals. What we do to them, and allow them to endure. What horrors we say nothing about.

When we're big enough - emotionally and intellectually mature enough - to examine the matter with true objectivity, our shame will be endless. As it should. 


  1. Oh, domestic animals *definitely* know how to communicate with humans. Dogs, for example, will look at an object you're pointing towards, whereas chimpanzees will just look at your hand. (Cats will generally land about 50/50 on looking at the object versus looking at your hand, but this is clearly because cats are smarter than dogs. :) )