Friday, March 23, 2012

So What Do We Want to Learn

I've been invited to speak at a writer's club - to present a workshop. But what to say? What to teach?

What class offering would entice you to attend? What topic so interests you that you'd drop everything -- carve out the time from your uber-busy schedule -- to go? Writer or not -- most everybody has thought about writing a book. What one thing do you most want to know?

There's the old standby of worldbuilding. How about learning how to write in one particular voice or point of view? How to get through a writer's block? Plotting?

Something else?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. I typed a long reply to this on my phone, and it clearly didn't come up! Bother!
    Okay, what I want to know is more and different ways to deliver emotional impact, to really hit the reader with the turmoil my character is going through. Fight scenes - how many times can you say threw a punch, and how much detail without slowing down the action? How to write convincing and natural sounding dialoge, even when the situation is neither natural or familiar? How to develop tension. Establishing and sticking to rules - keeping things logical. Enough to start with? :-P