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Guest Post - Book Review - by Roxanne Porter

Hi! I'm doing something new. Roxanne Porter has written a guest post, and I've posted it below. Thanks, Roxanne!


Loki’s Daughters by Delle Jacobson

I am usually not a big fan of romance novels. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am all for the romance but the romance novel is typically heavy on the hot and heavy and light on the story line. This book is one exception to that rule. 

When I first got my Kindle I was searching through the free books, because I am a cheapskate, and I ran across this historical romance. Hmm, I thought, it is free, what could it hurt to check it out? Well, lo and behold I have read the book three times since then.

What is Loki’s Daughters about? Well, it is all about the conflict between a village of Celtic women, the Celtic men wiped out by marauding Vikings, and the Viking men who come to settle in their land and, by the way, take them as wives. Of course, the strong Celtic women want nothing to do with the barbarian Viking men, and the men, surprisingly, respect that. Instead of the violent and mindless marauders that had ruined the village many times before, these Vikings are looking to have real families and are therefore willing to be patient. Gradually, despite the women’s best efforts, the Vikings win them over.

Now, you may say this doesn’t sound like much of a romance, more historical fiction. Well, in a sense you are right. However, the main heroine, the leader of the Celtic women, has a history with the leader of the Viking settlers. He once rescued her from slavers when they were both children. There is a complication, though. The heroine’s sister is going blind from an attack a few years ago and the heroine fears if the Vikings find out they will take her sister’s son away from her. 

Needless to say, the story ends well and they get together, but it sure does make for an exciting read. The story line is solid, the relationships are believable, and the action is fun. These is even a lot of humor to be found as the women play practical jokes on the Vikings in an attempt to drive them away. 

All in all, Loki’s Daughters is a fun read and well worth downloading. 

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