Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Author Interview and Giveaway

Come visit me Monday and Tuesday (March 26 and 27) at an author interview - including a Q and A (leave your questions in the comments) - I'll be hanging around all day! Ask anything you want!

And if the thought of chatting it up with me all day isn't lure enough, I am also giving away two sets of both books - in any format you want - to two lucky readers who comment both Monday AND Tuesday, so stop in and say "hi"!

Monday Update: It's up! Come visit! (Here.) There will be reviews posted tomorrow, so come both days! 

Friday, March 23, 2012

So What Do We Want to Learn

I've been invited to speak at a writer's club - to present a workshop. But what to say? What to teach?

What class offering would entice you to attend? What topic so interests you that you'd drop everything -- carve out the time from your uber-busy schedule -- to go? Writer or not -- most everybody has thought about writing a book. What one thing do you most want to know?

There's the old standby of worldbuilding. How about learning how to write in one particular voice or point of view? How to get through a writer's block? Plotting?

Something else?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Trite and Small

Today I've been thinking about what is trite, and why we use those expressions.

Besides to avoid thinking and actually confronting life, I mean. And that goes for both others and yourself. 

"Follow your dreams." "Keep your chin up." "No one can make you feel bad unless you let them." 

It isn't that they're not true. Sometimes they are - to a degree. But they're also vastly oversimplified, and the truth is that these quips don't represent the diversity of experiences, of reality, very clearly. 

I suppose we employ these thinking shortcuts because we're so busy, and overtaxed, and maybe sometimes we use them because we resent having to invest in someone - or for someone - the time it takes to think something through. 

Maybe we cling to cliches like these because we so desperately want the ideas they represent to be the truth.

What do you think?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Iditarod 2012

It was a blast. And while I am sure I could come up with poetic words to describe it, I think instead I'll just post some pictures and let you see for yourself. (And if you haven't seen it, come next year!)

Friday, March 2, 2012

NO to New Cheerios

I really wanted to like them.

I mean I've always respected Cheerios' wholesome image, and I try and buy at least one box a month. I like their whole grains. I do. And they taste pretty good. Overall.

And so I think I probably let out a little squeak when I, on cereal isle patrol, spotted them. 

Peanut butter. Chocolate. Cheerios.

With trembling fingers, I pulled them off the shelf and let the box fall like a lover from a cliff into my cart. Even my son will eat these, I muttered to myself.

But then I got them home.

Hmm. What word will best describe them? 

Dull? Weak? Bland? Cardboard? Flavorless?  Wimpy?

Pick one. They all work. 

And what a disappointment! The chocolate ones, which my son and I both tried last (we held hope till the end!), even had that shiny coating like the really delicious chocolate cereals have -- you know what I mean -- the one that makes the milk all chocolately. 

But noooooooo - nooo, cruel world!

The ugly, ugly truth, is that that chocolately sheen was painted on just to raise your hopes

Heartbroken, we threw both boxes in the trash. 

General Mills, if you read lowly authors' blogs, I beseech you to rethink your recipes. Raising my hopes just to dash them so cruelly means that next time I have to select my pick for breakfast, I may just pass your section by.

For the rest of you, I can't recommend these two flavors for anybody. I honestly cannot think of one demographic to whom these would seem attractive.

No - wait. Masochists - yeah - - masochists might like 'em.