Saturday, September 29, 2012

Guest Post by Nancy Parker

Kids’ books are often fluffy, useless bits of reading. They have little to no substance. That is why big shockers like Harry Potter make everyone sit up and take notice. Well, before Harry ever came into the picture, I had a different sort of childhood favorite. My favorite book series as a child was centered on a vampire rabbit, a paranoid cat, and a long-suffering dog.

The series Bunnicula by James Howe included some of my favorite books as a child. Narrated by a dog, Harold, you followed the adventures of him, his crazy cat compatriot Chester, and their little puppy addition, Howie, as they struggled to save their family from the sharp vampire teeth of the "evil" rabbit. The rabbit that mysteriously "exsanguinated" vegetables in the idle of the night. But was Bunnicula really the bad guy in all of this, or was there a more sinister plot? 

The myriad of tales wrapped around this group of household pets is something that children love to read about. Not only do you have mystery and suspense, but you have humor and talking animals. What more could any little kid want? To tell the truth, I still have these books on my bookshelf and pick them up from time to time. They are no Harry Potter tomes, but they will interest the younger reader who loves a quick tale full of lightness and adventure.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Review at CdB

I lost a furry family member this weekend, and I read to deal with my grief. Anyway, so I read a series this weekend, and if you're into paranormal/vampire mystery, come take a look at what I thought of this one.