Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Say "no" to U.S. Corn

          Worth considering today is that farmed animal feed has been hybridized and GMO-enhanced to make animals fatten up very quickly so that they can be butchered sooner (and thus save money). Then meat-eating humans eat the meat, and ingest the same chemicals that animals did. Too, the feed - which is corn mostly - got into the processed human food supply about 20-30 years ago because so much of it was
grown that it was available very cheaply, and capitalism is about maximizing profit, and damn everything else, including health. We eat the same amount our parents ate, and yet we get fatter, and develop diabetes, and food allergies, and more cancers. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but the problem here isn't that we're lazy, or sugar, and it isn't that we're eating more. It's the food we are eating, and what we're not being told. GMOs need to be labeled, but we also need to stop eating processed food - anything with corn in it. Very, very hard to do since corn-based sweetener - high fructose corn syrup - is in everything. Look at this.

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