Monday, December 30, 2013

A Good Read

So if you're one of those secret erotica readers, and many of us are!, I've found a book I'd like to recommend. Well written, with good character development and a meaningful plot, and none of the junior high-esque language, dead plot, and utterly poor writing too often found in this genre, please allow me to recommend the book below for your reading pleasure. And it's only $1.49 - -  less than a cup of coffee at Circle K!

Be advised: this is not a sweet romance, altho a hint of romance wafts through its pages. It is solidly an erotic horror, but a non-gory one. If you read it, let me know what you think. And -- as always! -- if you like the book, leave her a nice review on smashwords and amazon. Even a "wow! loved it!" is a grade-A review, so please take those sixty seconds to thank her for her hard work. (I loved it!)

Oh - and it's only about 10,200 words long, so it's a comfortable afternoon's or evening's read. Sneak it onto your phone or tablet, and let your coworkers or your SO wonder WTH you're gasping about on breaks or in the bathroom. :-p


Back cover copy:

What happens when you stir together a sultry Mexican setting, ten college students, Mayan ruins, and a sex-crazed, mythological monster pack? An eruption of bloodshed and tears, and screams and moans that never stop, that’s what. So lick your lips and bend your hips, because this deliciously sexy creature feature is about to redefine "whorer" forever.

Warning: Smokin' Hot, Adult Content!

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