Saturday, December 7, 2013

Things My Life Has Taught Me

Things my life has taught me: 

  • don't put off the things you love. 
  • don't suffer in your work for your whole life for things yet to come. 
  • if you love someone, tell them, or better yet, show them. 
  • so much of what bothers us really doesn't matter at all, so let it go. 
  • stand up for the weak and the small and the oppressed. 
  • do what you love. 
  • if you're unhappy, or you seek happiness, help someone ELSE. 
  • tell yourself the truth in all things, good and bad. 
  • animals are sentient, and should not be harmed by humans. 
  • cats are loyal - more loyal than most people.
  • life is suffering, and we must learn to overcome it, and we must also help others who suffer to overcome theirs.
  • tell the truth. 
  • be honorable and ethical in all things. 
  • love really is the answer. 
  • a loyal and steadfast person is a treasure beyond price.
  • don't ever take shit from bullies. 
  • don't ever let someone hit you, or call you names.
  • don't ever hit others, or call others names.
  • internalize your locus of control. 
  • understand that all conclusions are tentative. always demand proof, even from yourself. 
  • understand that all conclusions are subject to new facts. continue to seek evidence, and embrace even that which challenges your own dearly-held beliefs. make sure it's peer-reviewed and objective, though.
  • it's okay to be a warrior, but be a profoundly just one. 
  • being nice should never equal being weak.
  • learn to say "no," and mean it.
  • if you're going through hell, keep going. 
  • don't hate people who disagree with you. 
  • let go of people who don't love you, who don't love you enough, or who aren't ethical. 
  • if they do it once, they'll do it again. 
  • cheaters have a profound failing at the core of who they are.
  • watch how people treat others without power - food servers who mess up an order and animals when they do something wrong - because that's a glimpse of their truest selves. 
  • don't ride the extremes; be human, and let others be human, too. 
  • it's okay to cry, but don't do it all the time. 
  • don't make excuses. 
  • being fat is fabulous. so is being thin. be healthy, and be kind.
  • money is important, but it should never matter more than justice, or compassion.
  • don't strive to be rich; strive to help others.
  • only assholes live in mansions.
  • worry is a misuse of the imagination, and it won't help anything anyway.
  • if you're obsessing, go to the doctor.
  • speak up, even if your voice shakes. 
  • there is nothing more precious, or valuable, than compassion. 
  • we are stronger when we work together, but sometimes no one comes; don't give up, because even one person can move a mountain.  

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  1. Beautiful and profound life lessons. Thank you for sharing them. <3